Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So Long, Farewell Room 6-218!

Alex is getting discharged from the hospital...TODAY! He had his wound vac dressing changed this morning and was able to tolerate it with just oral pain medications before the change. He has been tolerating solid foods without nausea and the wound vac change this morning sealed the deal. We will stay the night in Rochester tonight and head back home tomorrow morning!

Alex has been so well taken care of here at Mayo. We owe an enormous thank you to his excellent team of surgeons, acupuncturist, residents, nurses and other doctors. We also could not have come this far without the tremendous support of our awesome family. Between Alex's parents and my dad, we were able to have the girls up here with us and still both be at the hospital as much as necessary. They have been able to visit Daddy a couple of times to give hugs and kisses and then go back to the apartment to play and still be close by. We also know that recovery would not have been as successful without all of the support, prayers and kind words from other family and all of our close friends. Thank you so much for all each of you have added to the journey and supporting our family in numerous ways.

Please continue to pray for health and healing for Alex. We will be back in about a month to follow up with Alex's GI doctor to make sure that his Crohn's is managed medically as effectively as possible from this point on. It will be another 6-8 weeks before he will be able to pick up Claire (or anything over a few pounds). That will likely be hard on both of them, but hopefully the time will pass quickly. Until then, we'll settle for snuggles eventually and lots of kisses for now. Thank you all again for everything. We love you all very much!

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