Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Outpatient Surgery

Alex had an outpatient debridement surgery this morning up at Mayo. He is recovering well and we are just waiting to get the "ok" to head back to the hotel. We will follow up with the surgeon and wound care nurses tomorrow morning and likely head back to KC then, depending on how he is feeling. We will know more specifics after that appointment.

The girls are doing great. Lydia was anxious to see Daddy after he went back, but was well-distracted by coloring, her portable DVD player and playing with Claire. She does have something to say...

dye dd;lujjv
;'jklkjhjhnfjju7dhjhghfvhfdfrhfdhuhghjvhjfhjjhhjfffjnfjfjfjkkjfjnmjnnn fjfnjvfjjtgjghujjjhhbjnjnjnmnmhjnnjjnjnm njutjjkhjhhj ncnj.

Interpreted as... "make sure Daddy feels better". :)

The nurse just came in and said he's ready to go! Love you all and will post again as soon as we get back.

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